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Jane Cherry
CPPC Accredited Chef

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Delicious, healthy meals for your family from Chef Jane
See Jane Cook prepares delicious gourmet meals
Meals prepared with the freshest ingredients    

"Fantastic chef, great innovative ideas with wonderful presentation. Jane will adjust any menu item to meet your specific requirements."

Ray and Terri C.

Fresh, wholesome food by See Jane Cook    
"We have thoroughly enjoyed this service! After working hard all day, it's wonderful to come home to Jane's healthy, tasty meals. We only wish we had found her sooner!"

Jane and Gary W.


 Wouldn't you absolutely LOVE...

  • To retire from the kitchen because you're too tired to cook every night?

  • Someone else to shop, cook, and do your menu planning?

  • Healthier alternatives to restaurant food or take-out?

  • Nutritious meals for yourself and/or your family without the time spent researching recipes or preparing them?

  • To eat healthy and nutritious meals that taste as good as spa cuisine, without any of the work?

  • Someone to make it easier for you to make good (or better) nutritional choices?

Are You Ready To Be Pampered?

See Jane Cook's services give you:

  • Menus tailored to your own palate and designed to support your health goals.

  • Freedom from grocery shopping - I choose only the best, freshest ingredients for your meals.

  • Exactly what you want to eat when you're tired - I cook meals that are fully prepared, packaged, and stored in your refrigerator so that they're ready when you are.

  • Simple heating instructions so you can relax and enjoy a delicious dinner in minutes.

See Jane Cook specializes in:

Restaurant-style recipes that are scaled down in fat and calories, without compromising the taste. Everything is completely tailored to your palate. If you want healthy meals that taste like spa cuisine - without any of the work - then call or email Chef Jane!

See Jane Cook Personal Chef Service is designed to be different--and better--from other personal chef services. All the ingredients that are used in your menus are top quality, premium ingredients. See Jane Cook believes that you, the client, should have whatever you want to eat. The fee for your service is separated from the cost of your groceries, so you never pay for marked up food costs. Imagine--anything and everything you would order out in a restaurant, prepared and ready to eat at home, fully cooked to perfection and healthier for you! All your entrees and side dishes are chosen by you, so you are not limited to just one of anything per menu, nor are you charged extra fees if you want more upscale entrées. Your menus are rich with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fresh vegetables--never frozen. You also get a side dish with every entree as part of your service..


All entrées and side dishes are premium quality, and since you have unlimited choices, with no hidden fees nor extra charges, you get exactly what you want on your menu every service date.  Because I am an expert in the special diet field, I have sourced normally hard-to-find and special ingredients. Maintaining your special diet can now be achieved for a reasonable fee, without any extra charges.

I expertly accommodate the following special diet needs:

• Organics
• WW
• Liver Flush
• Diabetic
• Dairy and/or Gluten Free
• Kosher
• Vegan

• Raw Foods
• Yeast Free
• Atkins
• South Beach
• Heart Healthy
• Food Allergies
• Low Fat

Service and Client Satisfaction

If you are seriously seeking a personal chef to improve your health, diet and family’s togetherness each evening, then See Jane Cook is YOUR affordable option. My business is based on attention to detail, excellent food, and top quality Customer Service. I invite you to view my references from some of my satisfied clients on the References page.  


Indulge yourself by allowing your own personal chef to give you back the time to spend doing what you’d really like to be doing. Leave the cooking, shopping, planning and hassle to the expert who specializes in making your life stress-free.


See Jane Cook Personal Chef Service

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